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Workshops, Webinars and Keynote Conferences

 Although the upcoming school year is filled with many unknowns, what we do know is that our multilingual and dually identified learners require our support now more than ever.

4 Ed Consulting services offers multiple formats and topics for online professional development related to multilingual learners. We are honored to collaborate around the following services, which can help you support your multilingual learners in distance learning, hybrid or an in-person environment. 

Group of educators participating in a workshop
Professional Learning Support Systems for Schools

Professional Learning Support Systems for Schools

Student-Centric approach responsive to your needs

In-service training is geared to educators at all levels in a variety of areas related to culturally and linguistically diverse students. Training can be offered in a variety of formats from remote sessions to half day or full day workshops. Additionally, some of the professional workshop series lend themselves to a longer multi-day series or institute. Workshops are responsive to the unique needs and long-term goals to support culturally and linguistically diverse students.


Through an interactive, collaborative and hands-on approach educators will explore evidenced best practices to increase student learning.  All of the offerings can be customized into interactive virtual learning opportunities leveraging various online platforms.

Formats and Topics

Webinar Offerings

The following 1-hour PD hour synchronous on-line webinars can be customized to best meet your educator’s needs.  Each webinar participant can earn 3 hour of PD per webinar.

    • Academic Language Development for Multilingual Learners
    • Engaging Multilingual Learners in a Remote Learning Space
    • Oral Language Development in a Remote Learning Space
    • Teaching Language through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)
    • Teaching Language through the Humanities
    • Leveraging Number Talks to support the Language of Math
    • Serving the unique educational and language needs of SLIFE Secondary  Learners
    • Anti-Bias Education; Creating the Culturally Responsive Classroom Environment

    Facilitated Online Offerings

    The following PD synchronous on-line webinars and asynchronous learning can be customized to best meet your educator and programming needs.

    • Creating Contexts for Meaningful Language Use
    • Integrating Content Learning and Academic Language Development
    • Strategies for making content language accessible to the multilingual learner
    • Curriculum and Instruction; Aligning ELD Program Support Services
    • Serving the New Arrival Secondary Student
    • The Dually Identified or Dually Considered Multilingual Learner
    • Leading for Equity; Leveraging your itinerant educators to support systematic change on behalf of multilingual learners
    • Data & Assessments, Using data to drive instructional decisions and individual multilingual learner ELD Plans
    Educators Participating in Workshop

    In-Person Professional Development

    The following 1-2 day professional learning workshops can be customized to best meet your educator’s needs.  Here are some frequently requested workshop offerings:


    Building academic language

    Scaffolding Content and Differentiation for the Multilingual Learner

    Academic language and literacy development strategies for the k-12 Multilingual Learner

    Leveraging Language Across All 4 Domains in the Content Classroom

    Building Structures that work; Program, Procedures and English Language Development Program Alignment

    The Dually Identified or Dually Considered Multilingual Learner

    Teaching Language through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) 

    Teaching Language through Humanities

    Leveraging Number Talk; Teaching the Language of Math 

    Building Academic Language Across the Curriculum • Literacy Instruction to support the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Student 

    Anti-Bias Education; Creating a Culturally Responsive Learning Environment

    Data & Assessments; Using WIDA Data to Drive Instructional Decisions

    *All of these workshop offerings have been presented at National or State-based conferences including WIDA, TESOL,NABE, CABE, ASCD, CABE, NMABE, La Cosecha, NJTESOL, and MNTESOL

    "We Learn…10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear, 70% of what we discussed with others, 80% of what is experienced personally, 95% of what we teach others" --William Glasser